166d839a3dbe56833e04565f55c03c51-650-80Street Fighter V upholds the series’ legacy, offering a diverse cast of 16 characters that bring its great fighting engine to life. Combatants new and old alike vie for your attention with infectious personalities and unique fighting styles. Some ofStreet Fighter IV’s iconic mechanics have been retired in favor of new ones that add to the distinct qualities of each character, stripping away universal actions in favor of specialized skills. While I was wary of the relatively small roster at first, it’s clear that a lot of attention was put into making every character stand apart from the rest, including the veritable fighting game “brothers,” Ken and Ryu. Though the roster makes fighting with a friend at your side an exceptional thrill, cracks begin to show when you try to engage with the game by yourself.3006875-street-fighter-v-screenshot-2016-02-15-14-25-48There’s an immediately apparent lack of modes in Street Fighter V, some of which have been around since Street Fighter’s early years. There’s no Arcade mode, and no way to fight against the CPU in the traditional one-on-one versus mode. More importantly, there’s almost no way someone without the drive and knowhow of a hardcore competitor can parse the game’s movelists and mechanics, and the potential strategies these elements introduce.3088652-trailer_sfv_story_20160630My favourite moment so far in Street Fighter V was a mirror match: Ken against Ken. A Ken-off. Halfway through the first round my online opponent did a long, fancy combo I didn’t know existed. Had this been Street Fighter IV, I’d have gone on to lose, my confidence shot by the knowledge I was playing against someone with greater technical knowledge than me and the skill to put it into practice, in a game in which complexity was king. Instead, I won. Not with my fancy combos—though I’ve got a few—but with a cool head, the benefit of a couple of decades’ of experience, the knowledge of which buttons to press and when.images (1)That’s the best way to describe Street Fighter V, I think. Yes, there’s plenty of complex stuff going on, but at its core it is a celebration of what makes fighting games tick, and what makes them exciting. It is a battle of wits, of psychology, conditioning your opponent into doing what you want them to do, and punishing them severely when they do it.imagesV-Reversals require a sub-unit of the V-Meter, which builds up after taking damage, and allow a blocking character to break free from an onslaught to turn the tide of a fight. This is similar to the Focus Attack in theory, but in practice, each character’s V-Reversal behaves differently, with distinct advantages and disadvantages to consider.StreetFighterVBeta-Win64-Shipping_2015_10_22_00_16_04_581Lastly, V-Triggers grant characters a special buff that enhances their abilities, though again, it varies by character. Zangief players can activate his V-Trigger to gain temporary super-armor, negating incoming attacks. Elsewhere, characters like Necalli and Ken benefit from greater damage and range while their V-Triggers remain active.tải xuốngThe variety introduced by these V-Abilities ensures that fights stay interesting, giving each character a particular means of getting into or out of a fight. This liveliness is greatly appreciated, and you rarely encounter two fights that play out alike. Because these moves are designed to keep the fight going, rather than stalling it, it’s exceedingly rare to have a fight end because the clock ran out
tải xuống (7)You can tell straight away when you’re playing one of them, these poor saps who’ve mucked about in singleplayer mode and acquired what they don’t understand are bad, repetitive habits, their unsafe jump-ins, their hopeful Shoryukens. Obviously they need to be taught a lesson, but it’s one that should have already been taught by the game itself, rather than coming at the chastening hands of a more knowledgeable opponent. That’s not how you grow a community.tải xuống (5)Nor is launching with some fairly ruinous server issues. Street Fighter V is essentially always online (if you’re online to start with, anyway) since a lost connection to the server will boot you out of your current game mode (even local versus). Things have improved since a miserable launch day, but there are still matchmaking issues and when the connection’s bad it is really, really bad, Capcom’s new rollback netcode causing players to teleport all over the shop.tải xuống (4)Street Fighter V is two very different games. To the battle-hardened it is simply brilliant, stripping away much of the nonsense and complexity of its predecessor, with a cast of characters that each feel unique thanks to the V-systems. To the single player it is as convoluted and baffling as ever, and miserably light on content. There’s nothing wrong here that isn’t fixable, but Capcom need to act quickly before this ambitious, often brilliant game is forgotten by the beginner players Capcom say they want to bring on board.tải xuống (3)

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